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Saturday, 21 January 2012


Heyheyhey! im back again :D I wanna say happy chinese new year. That's all. HAHA!  Im sooooooooo bored today =.= I guest i will get crazy.Hahaha. I miss my friend. Hahaha not you! I say my lovely friends Leeah,maya And pikah. HAHAHAHA! Wif mr M.A.A? Offcouse i did :) He amazing for me. And him cousin too. Lol! I miss them so much! Homework?  Teacher give us that work were so many =.= ihateit. Hohoho. The most i like is HISTORY. HAHAHA. I dont know why i like that. Because before the teacher teach us, he will ask me the qoestion about 'Jepun". HAHA! So funny =.= and one thing im very very very sad is my friend that called Ania not school in Smkas again. She  will moved to Smk bukit Assek. So sad to heard that. btw its okay. i will remembered her untill die. She is the most i like to friend. because she know how im feel when im sad, when i have a problem, she heard and motivate me. Ohh ania, Why you moved? :'( im very miss you. i hope that you will get 9A in PMR hunn.