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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Happy Chinese New year =.=

Hello, Hey! Long time no see. I miss you, But the most i miss 'mohd agus arif'. Yeahhhhh :) Okayokay. You see? Now we talk about chine new year, Hoh! Ihateit. Because i dont like to do the homework. Huahuahua, Teacher give the homework like one year for holiday! Whoaaaaa. So many! Just be patient. Tomorrow is MONDAY. Nooooooooo! Dont wanna schoooooool. ppfffftttt- Why im so lazy? =.= Heyy!!! Wake up,intan! You are Pmr candidate! Aigoo. So lazy this girl. Its okay, just wanna see my parents and siblings proud of me, The most i wanna see is That Boy. M.A.A. Huahuahua! Yeahhhh. I wanna see your happy when you see my result. Really! Okay, im feel sleepy now =.= Until here im tell your'all the story. Bye. Imissyouall :D